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Artist and Designer Anna-Karin Karlsson, in collaboration with WHOYOUARE, will be exhibiting “Decadence” from House of Karlsson 2015 campaign at Berns in Stockholm, Sweden, from September 22 to October 22, 2015. The photo series features WHOYOUARE founder fashion activist Bea Akerlund shot by photographer Ekaterina Belinskaya. The work was shot at Steninge Slott north of Stockholm during one intense and decadent weekend with Bea Åkerlund as muse and model in all of the eight photographs.

Anna-Karin has a background within different creative fields and her work is really a combination of those. Art and music are essential creative processes and the root from which all her work stems. Initially she sees her work as cinematic scenes, visualizing characters, set design, costumes and musical score. She then sketches down the scene and the design starts to takes shape. Every design has a setting, a name, and a story that goes with it.
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